1How can I quickly find out if my question has already been answered here?Use the "Search" box in the upper right to enter keywords describing your question, like "commissions", or "deleting a photo" to narrow down the info shown on this page.
2What if I can't find the answer to my question?Help is always available! If you can't find an answer to your question here, contact us. We will respond as quickly as possible!
3Will more questions and answers be added to this FAQ?Absolutely! This FAQ will be updated with new information all the time, so check back frequently!
50I filled out a request for an invitation, but I never heard back from anyone. Are you ignoring me?NEVER! All requests are answered, usually within the first hour. If you didn't get a response, check your email "spam" folder. If nothing is there, its possible that something went wrong and our response can't be delivered to the address you gave us.

If you use an email filter like Spamcop or SpamArrest, please whitelist "webmaster@2gay4fb.com"

We will never ignore anyone! If you feel like something went wrong, please contact us and we will do our best to fix it!
100Is this a new social network?No! This is simply a better way to share photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others, because YOU GET PAID!
110Are there any restrictions on uploaded content? What am I allowed to post?This is a great question, and the answer will be modified as we learn exactly what is required to keep the big social networks happy.

Some restrictions should be obvious, and include: nothing illegal, stolen, underage, non-consentual, or harmful to others.

Maximum of 10 uploads per day.

The goal of this site is to create a *peaceful* bridge between the mainstream world and the world of erotica. We have all experienced the pain of being banned from social media for simply showing off our bodies. Getting banned means losing all of our hard-earned friends and followers! We have safety mechanisms in place to try to spare you from that.

Until we better understand the specific requirements of each social network, we are asking that all our content contributors keep their uploads on the softcore side.

• You should be posting nude, non-sexual images – preferably showing your entire body
• By "non-sexual", we mean that the images cannot appear to have a sexual context. This means:
• Softcore nudity is OK (including erections) but NO SEX ACTS ARE ALLOWED (not even masturbation!)
• Even when two models aren't technically touching, if the context of an image is very sexual then it's not allowed. For example, if one model is squatting over another model and appears to be lowering his ass down towards the other guy's erect cock, it's not allowed because the context is sexual – even though they aren't touching. Or if one guy is on his knees in front of another guy looking like he's getting ready to suck the other guy's cock, that would also be considered too sexual.

• No sexual touching (so no massage or masturbation)
• No images that include semen in them
• No shots where the model is holding his cock or another model's cock
• No photos of models showing off their assholes

• Don't post closeup shots of body parts (cock shots, ass shots, etc.) Full torso shots are allowed, but you will get much better results if you show the model's face as well.
• If most of a photo must be covered with a sticker, then DO NOT POST IT.

• The rule for censored thumbnail images is that they must be cropped or have stickers applied so that the full area that a normal pair of swim trunks would cover is hidden. That includes the penis/testicles, anus, ass crack, pubic hair area, taint, and the pelvic/upper thigh area that a pair of swim trunks would cover.
• NO NUDITY, SEXUAL CONTENT, OR EXPLICIT WORDS are allowed on the censored thumbnail photos!

These rules are in place to ensure that you will not get in trouble on Facebook or on any of the other social media sites that are supported by 2Gay4FB.

After you upload your photos, you MUST use the editing tools provided to create a "PG-rated" version of your photo. This may require cropping or covering body parts with stickers. If the entire photo must be blacked out, then DO NOT POST IT. If you do an inadequate job of censoring your photo, it will probably get flagged and removed quickly. (see next question)

Remember, the world of erotica is diverse. We welcome any suggestions as to how we might better serve everyone's interests. Please contact us with your ideas!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

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150What devices can I use to edit pictures?You can use a computer, laptop, tablet or your smart phone (Android and iPhone).
300How can I explain the purpose of this site to other people?Here is a little more info that might help:
Ever wonder how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google make their money, since they don’t actually charge anyone to use their sites?

It is all made from advertising spots sold on their pages.

Every time you post, or tweet, or share a photo with your fans, you are actually WORKING FOR THEM, for FREE! You are providing the content that earns them millions of dollars, but you will never see any of it... UNTIL NOW!

Use the new 2GAY4FB app to upload and share your sexy photos to Twitter, Facebook, etc. We will host your picture, add a couple of ads onto the page, then split with you all the revenue those ads generate!

Nothing else changes at all! Continue using your existing profiles, and your same tablet, laptop, or computer. Post and tweet on any social network you like, as much and as often as you like. Delete your photos if you tire of them. You have complete control.

This is NOT a new social network! It's just a better way to share photos online. The only difference is YOU GET PAID. Even with a modest fan base, you will make money every time you post using the 2GAY4FB app! One model recently earned over $25 from just two quick posts to twitter... just two posts!


990Where can I find the site's Terms and Conditions? The general terms and conditions info can be found here, and linked on the "Apply for an Invitation" page, as part of the registration process.